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LoPatin & Company


When Lawrence LoPatin started his business back in 1952 he had a vision of creating a new firm with a seamless ensemble spirit. His plan called for bringing together a team of experts - real-estate developers, architects, accountants and lawyers - who would link their skills in ways that were both innovative and effective. His central idea was this: Every single phase of the construction or renewal process would be covered by experienced and dedicated professionals - each of whom had a stake in the project's outcome.

LoPatin's idea turned out to be a winner. Today, LoPatin & Co. Remains a family owned business that is loyal to those founding principles. By now, we're veterans of this integrated-team approach to real-estate development. And our team is primarily made up of family members - legal, accounting, marketing, management and planning specialists. We're committed to applying our knowledge and experience along with creative vision, instinct and innovative ideas to the development of land as well as to the renewal of existing structures.
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Lawrence LoPatin began his career assembling large tracts of farmland in Nankin township (now known as Westland) and developing them into hundreds of residential lots.

By 1961 LoPatin & Co. successfully completed it's first major commercial project - the Windsor Raceway. Since that time we've become one of the most respected development companies in the Metropolitan Detroit area. And our project portfolio has diversified and grown to include hotels, office buildings, restaurants, and residential developments for both public sector and private clients.

We operate in a straightforward manner. In any development project, there are typically four phases - all interrelated and interdependent:

•Design and Development
•Marketing and Construction
•Management and Maintenance

Because LoPatin & Co. is a full service development firm, our professional team handles each of these phases with precision and commitment to detail. By connecting all the dots in any public or private project, we're able to make the most effective use of scale, economy, mix, integrity and viability.
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Since 1952, LoPatin & Co. has embraced the guiding principles set forth by our founder - not because we're afraid to break the ice of tradition, but because these principles work. We've tackled new projects, dealt effectively with new legislation and in the process, learned quite a bit. And most important, we're always looking for new challenges.
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