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Progress Report - Friday, October 26, 2000

ArvinMeritor Automotive Detroit Industrial Plant and Technology Center in the Fort Jefferson Industrial Park


Below is a brief summation covering the important categories relating to the development of the Meritor Industrial and Technology Center. The intent is not to provide an exhaustive review of the week's activities, but a brief synopsis. If a more detailed analysis is required, do not hesitate to call or e-mail.

Property Acquisition


Fisher Guide -

We closed July 28.
Library -
Investigation is complete. Closing within 30 days
City lot - Closing within 30 days.
Tire repair - We closed August 4. We now have occupancy.
Church lot - The Church is awaiting a development agreement for the property they will acquire as replacement parking. The agreement from the City should be delivered within the next few weeks. Closing will be within a few weeks after.


G2 filed the Baseline Environmental Assessment BEA on ArvinMeritor's behalf. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality issued its acceptance letter on October 6, 2000

Municipal Entitlements

We continue to work with the utility companies on easements over vacated Radamacher. Many of the existing utility poles and lines will remain and be incorporated in the parking or landscape areas of the plant.

On October 18 the City Council approved the creation and extension of an Industrial Development District. This allows ArvinMeritor to move the equipment from the temporary facility to the new facility without losing its tax benefits. In addition, it extends the tax benefits on the new facility to 12 years, and further reduces the tax obligations.

Contractor Selection

Campbell/Manix was selected as the design build contractor.


The preliminary design for the plant was finalized on Friday, August 11.

Building Permits

The Building Permit was applied for September 29 and is moving through the review process.


Demolition began August 14. The demolition company is encountering footings which are 15 feet deep and are 5 feet wide.. This has slowed demolition two to three weeks. Removal of the exceedingly large footings has disturbed the surrounding soils. This has resulted in our modifying our footings design. No underground storage tanks have been encountered although we still anticipate one or more tanks will be encountered before demolition of the plant is complete.


Once the demolition is complete and the footings design finalized a modified construction schedule will be finalized. It is anticipated the construction schedule will include weekend work to meet the completion date.



Preliminary design is underway for a 80,500 square foot, 4 story technical center.