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Progress Report - Monday, August 21, 2000

Meritor Automotive Detroit Industrial Plant and Technology Center in the Fort Jefferson Industrial Park

We are back. As a result of difficulties associated with closing the Fisher Guide property, the project was in a holding pattern. We are back on track.

Below is a brief summation covering the important categories relating to the development of the Meritor Industrial and Technology Center. The intent is not to provide an exhaustive review of the week's activities, but a brief synopsis. If a more detailed analysis is required, do not hesitate to call or e-mail.

Property Acquisition


Fisher Guide -


We closed July 28.
Library -
The purchase agreement has been executed. Closing is subject to the conclusion of our investigation.
City lot - The City Council approved the lot transfer on Wednesday August 2.
Tire repair - We closed August 4 and expect to obtain occupancy by the end of the month.
Church lot - The Purchase Agreement was executed. The closing is subject to our ability to arrange for the church to acquire two lots now owned by the city. The city council approved the acquisition of the land necessary for the church on August 2. Closing will be after the church has had an opportunity to investigate, and test the city property.



G2 the environmental company, has met with representative from ArvinMeritor gathering information for the BEA filing. We our investigating the possibility of avoiding the filing of a BEA in favor of a covenant not to sue.

Municipal Entitlements


On August 2, the city council approved our petition to vacate Rademacher, Rankin, and the alley behind the library. The vacation was, however, subject to our being able to finalize the financial demands from the utility companies for the relocation of the existing utilities. We are now working with the utility companies. The only issue is cost. Once we accept the financial obligation for relocation, the abandonment is complete.

In addition, on August 2 the city council approved the transfer of all city lots necessary to complete the consolidation. Thus, they will sell the lot at the corner of Fort Street and Radamacher directly to us. In addition the city will sell two city lots directly to the church which are required in order for the church to sell us their existing property at the northeast corner of Fort Street and Waterman.

Contractor Selection

Campbell/Manix was selected as the design build contractor.


The preliminary design for the plant was finalized on Friday, August 11.

Building Permits

The contractor will separate the building permit application into a foundation permit allowing construction of footings and foundations and follow it with a shell permit.


Asbestos and PCB removal is complete. Demolition began August 14 and will be complete in sixty (60) days.


The construction schedule is still being finalized. Construction will begin after demolition is complete.