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Progress Report - Friday, June 2, 2000

Meritor Automotive Detroit Industrial Plant and Technology Center
in the Fort Jefferson Industrial Park

Below is a brief summation covering the important categories relating to the development of the Meritor Industrial and Technology Center. The intent is not to provide an exhaustive review of the week's activities, but a brief synopsis. If a more detailed analysis is required, do not hesitate to call or e-mail. Reports will be updated biweekly.

Property Acquisition


Fisher Guide -


Our attorneys continue to draft and negotiate the necessary easements. The Seller has been working to obtain the necessary releases for title exceptions. The Sellers have asked to delay the tentative closing date set for Monday, June 12. A two week extension is expected.
Library -
A price has been negotiated, and the purchase agreement has been drafted awaiting execution.. Final approval from the Library Commission is expected June 19th
City lot - The request to acquire the city lot was made on April 20. The acquisition is tied to the Radamacher road abandonment. Since the road abandonment is still in engineering review we have no date for the acquisition. A meeting with the city on this and other issues is set for Thursday, June 8.
Tire repair - We entered into a purchase agreement on May 30. Under the terms of the agreement we have to close in 30 days (June 29) and obtain occupancy in 60 days (July 28).
Church lot - Purchase Agreement executed. Subject to swap for City land.



The consultant is gathering information for the Baseline Environmental Assessment (BEA). Nothing unexpected has caused concern. There may be underground storage tanks in the plant, however, it appears they will be of little problem to remove during demolition.

Municipal Entitlements


On April 20, two requests were delivered to the City. The first was a request to appear before council for the purpose of introducing them to the project. The second was a petition to vacate Rademacher, Rankin, and the alley behind the library. In addition, we requested the city sell us the lot on the corner of Rademacher and Fort required for our development, and sell us two lots on the north side of Fort, required as part of the property swap with the church.

The Council approved the request to appear before them to introduce them to the project on Friday June 9th. Since the original intent was to have the meeting before the Mackinac meetings, and since the date we were given was after the Mackinac meeting, we asked that the meeting be rescheduled. The intent is to have one meeting in which all necessary approvals are presented to the council allowing them to act. A meeting with both the City Planning and Development Department and the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation is scheduled for Thursday June 8th to discuss dates and hearing schedules.

The Department of Public Works has been undated on the importance of a timely review of the Rademacher abandonment material, DPW must prepare a report which includes comments from the utility companies indicating their needs upon right-of-way abandonment. This allows the utilities to require us to pay for the cost of relocation if the service line is required.

Contractor Selection

We received proposals from seven construction companies on Friday May 26. Question to all seven companies were sent out and received Thursday June 1. Based on the responses the field was narrowed and we will interview 4 candidates Friday June 9.


Upon selection of a contractor the design will move forward.

Building Permits


Until a contractor is selected work has not begun in this area.



Two environmental firms rebid the work based on the quantifies and walk through with the environmental firm. As a result we selected Adamo. They have begun the permitting process. Demolition will begin in two weeks after we close on the property. The entire demolition process will be two- three months. The first step in the demolition is the removal of the asbestos and pcb's.



Nothing to report at this time