Meritor Pages


Progress Report - Friday, May 12, 2000

Meritor Automotive Detroit Industrial Plant and Technology Center
in the Fort Jefferson Industrial Park

Below is a brief summation covering the important categories relating to the development of the Meritor Industrial and Technology Center. The intent is not to provide an exhaustive review of the week's activities, but a brief synopsis. If a more detailed analysis is required, do not hesitate to call or e-mail. Reports will be updated biweekly.

Property Acquisition


Fisher Guide -


Our attorneys met with the seller's agent Wednesday, May 10 to resolve title issues. Most of the issues deal with recorded leasehold interests. We were assured they were improperly recorded and the process of removal would begin immediately.
Library -
The appraisal is complete. We are awaiting their authorization to begin negotiation of a purchase price.
City lot - The request to acquire the city lot was made on April 20. We were told a meeting date would be set after May 15 when city budget hearings are completed.
Tire repair - The seller is unwilling to sign a purchase agreement. We continue to attempt to work with him, offering to pay for an attorney to review the purchase agreement.
Church lot - The purchase agreement was executed. Subject to our acquiring city lots north of Fort, we will swap properties.



The consultant will complete the four (4) week investigation today. Visual observances and preliminary testing have indicated a few unexpected problems. A Baseline Environmental Assessment (BEA) will be required, as expected. Testing did, however, reveal an underground storage tank on the library property. In addition, asbestos was identified around pipes in the library and in the stucco walls.


The consultant walked through the Fisher Guide Building Monday, May 8 with the demolition contractors so that they might refine their bids. Quantities of asbestos will be provided to the contractors no later than Wednesday of next week. Lead paint within the building will not have to be removed prior to top demolition. This will result in a savings from the original development budget. There may, however, be a small increase in landfill cost. Since the materials will contain lead, however, the net effect will be a substantial savings.

Municipal Entitlements


On April 20, two requests were delivered to the City. The first was a request to appear before council for the purpose of introducing them to the project. The second was a petition to vacate Radamacher, Rankin, and the alley behind the library. In addition, we requested the city sell us the lot on the corner of Radamacher and Fort required for our development, and sell us two lots on the north side of Fort, required as part of the property swap with the church.


The requests were forwarded to the City Planning and Development department and the City Department of Public Works for comment. I have talked with both departments requesting they expedite the review. Planning and Development has agreed to make this a priority. DPW has a backlog and has not agreed to move the review process along in an expedited fashion. I am meeting the DPW official today.

Contractor Selection

On Monday, May 8 specifications and the preliminary site plan for the industrial facility were forwarded to seven potential contractors. Proposals are due back on May 26. We expect to narrow the field and meet two of the contractors the following week and make a selection by June 2.



The specifications for the industrial facility were completed on Monday, May 8. No work has been done on the office. The design of the industrial plant will begin in earnest after a contractor has been selected. The contractor will be responsible for design.

Building Permits


Until a contractor is selected work has not begun in this area.



The original three demolition bidders was narrowed to two. Both met with the environmental consultant and walked the site. Bids should be received by the end of next week (May 19).



Nothing to report at this time